Great Barrier Reef – Reef Magic


I went to REEF MAGIC CRUISE TOUR on 17/08/2016 (WED). The day was supposed to be a rainy day but it was a sunny day. In the inlet, the water was not clear but getting more far from the cairns marina, it was getting supreme. I was really surprised at the water clour. I had known the quality of the water but I didn’t imagine that it was such a awesome. It was like a GOD PAINTING. I cannot believe the colour is made by the nature in this world. In terms of the boat, It was really good and big enough. Not so tite. and Top deck was very breezy, very confortable. As for the PONTOON (PLATFORM) on the MOORE REEF was really good. I relaxed and ate lunch there. there is a top deck as well and you can sleep and get tunned there. I tried seabob and intro DIVE.  This was the first time for me to do both. i thought seabob was the good machine for snorkelling because I don’t have to worry about even big wave. About intro Dive, The instructor told us anything all the time. That’s why I realized that I didn’t have to worry about anything during DIVING. On the bottom of the sea in outer reef, I saw the reef forest in the water. It was like an ATRANTIS. It was the legend. After this tour, I didn’t think I had spent 8 hours for it. I can say “OUTER REEF IS SUPREME“.


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