Wet tropics & Paranella park

The most incredible landscapes in Australia.

We started the day being picked up right outside our accomodation. Our friendly informative tour guide explained various interesting sights throughout the whole journy. The climb up the mountain offered incredible views. Once we joined the table lands the landscapes we’re out of this world. Greener and more lushious than anywhere i’ve ever seen. Our first stop was at a waterfall (one of the most photographed in the world) you can see why when you reach it, we swam beneath it and although the water was a bit fresh, it was crystal clear and felt so refreshing to swim in a natural water source. We had lunch at an Italian all you can eat buffet, there is genuinly something there for every one, I helped myself to three plates full of this delicious food. Paranella park was like nothing I’d ever seen before, european arcutecture surrounded by and living within epic rainforest. We finished the day by visiting one last swimming spot (and the best) it had so much interesting history and it was nice to relax in the water after an exciting day. Best way to see the wet tropics in my opinion is definetly with Northern Experiance. The tour guide was amazing as was the entire day!


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