Premium Daintree Tour

Please pass this message on to Mario – a great guide and host for Premium Daintree and Cape Tribulation Tour.

A message for Mario, our guide and driver on July 19th 2016.

Mario, thank you for a great day, despite the rather wet weather. You imparted your love and respect for the Daintree with all the information provided you us with.

On the way home we were puzzling over the identity of 7 -12 black birds cruising the thermals above Wangetti Beach at Rex Lookout. After some research, I think I have ascertained that they would be Lesser Frigate Birds, or maybe Greater Frigate Birds. They are said to be reasonably common in the south-west Pacific, breeding from Queensland to Fiji. Because of their marauding habits -swooping on other seabirds and harrying them until they disgorge whatever they have- they are also called Man-o’-War Birds. Just another titbit of information you can share with your travelers if you spot the birds again.

Thanks for a great day

Christine Scothern


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