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Daintree And Captribulation

Staying in the city for too long have me forgetton how beautiful the country side of Queens land could be. On our way to the Daintree, the view isabsolutely gorgeous. Our tour guide told us a lot of interesting facts about the farms, villages and rivers we passed.

On the daintree river, with the help of our experienced guide we saw a few tree snakes and two huge crocdiles, the journey it self feels like a treasure hunting movie.On our way to the board walk in the rainforest, we saw a cassowary and our tour guide stoped the bus so that we could take picture of him. I was told that some people never got to see one after living in Cairns for years, but we saw four that day and one was a baby bird.

The board walk in the rainforest was not only fun but also quite informative, our tour guide told us a lot about the history of the rainforest and the vegetation, it was stunning to know how old these trees were. Our bbq lunch is by a beautiful creek, the water is so clear you could saw so many fish in the water. The captribulation is is vast beach and quite relaxing, there is also a lookout place there where you can overlooking the beautiful beach. On our way back we got a delcious icecream from a organic farm which is perfect for concluding this beatiful day.

Reef Magic Cruises-Marine World

After take the medication from the boat I did not get any sea sick at all even though the day I went there was quite windy. I took the prescription mask which is only 5 dollars and it is much better than using your contact lens. The patoon on the reef is much more stable than a ship, which was very nice since I went there with a bad weather. But with this weather one interesting thing you will see when your r snorkelling is that the fish in the water are moving with wave. I also dived there for the first time in my life and every minute feel like in dreams. The visbility was still very good on a cloudy day and I took a nice picture with wally the big blue fish. Sea bob was more fun and esier to operate than I expected, the guide was very nice and patient. After that I just went to the roof of the patton and relaxed on the bench and chat with other people and wait the ship to take me home and conclude this fulfiling day.

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