Cape Tribulation jungle day Tour

Fantastic Experience!!

The bus driver MARIO was awesome. He explained to me about the nature (Plants, Animals..etc). he was really friendly and kind. Cruising on the Dain tree river is my favorite. We tried to see many kinds of animals and plants, specially BIG crocs and TINY crocs were fantastic. I’ve seen some crocs before, but I felt here was the BEST PLACE to enjoy to see crocs. And of course, during the cruising I could relax. After going into Cape Tribulation, I couldn’t connect the internet. I forgot everything of my social life while I was in Cape Tribulation. I just enjoyed the relaxing time. At last, I chose STEAK LUNCH and it was really delicious. I ate salad, bread ,steak and watermeron by very clean water cleak. It was completely memorable tour. Thank you.

We learned about the white lipped tree frogs. They make lots of strange noises when it has been wet. Leigh Alan Jorgensen said it was for mating purposes because the water helps them procreate.


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