Bungy Jump and Minjin Swing with AJ Hackett

Bungy Jump and Minjin Swing with AJ Hackett

Doing something that terrifies you can end up being an amazing experience and a great memory. That’s exactly what the bungy jump and Minjin Swing with AJ Hackett was for me; an experience I will never forget.

After getting picked up from my accomodation in Cairns, the 20 minute drive to the AJ Hackett location made me nervous, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to willingly jump off a 50m tower headfirst, it just didn’t seem possible. When we arrived and walked up to the front desk, I noticed the lush rainforest all around and felt happy and relaxed and really was just enjoying the location and nature.

I did the Minjin Swing first with one of my good friends. They laoded us into the harness and started cranking us up into the trees. When we finally stopped, I wasn’t even hesitant about pulling the chord to release us, I could only feel excitement. The views all the way out to the beaches were simply amazing! The initial drop made my stomach drop as well, but swinging out over the top of the roof and seeing the views surrounding us were breathtaking. We swung back and forth through the trees and eventually came to a stop, giddy with laughter.

Afterwards, we had a short break and watched some of the other patrons jump off of the daunting 50m tower above us. I knew the bungy would be a lot more scary than the swing, but I was still pumped for it. After climbing the seemingly endless stairs to the top of the tower and arriving breathless, I knew there was no turning back. When the crew put me in the harness and attached the rope around my ankles, my palms were sweating and I wanted to turn back. I hopped over to the edge and looked down. No way was I going to be able to willingly jump off this tower head first. I asked the guy to push me and he said he wasn’t allowed. After a few short moments I just did it, and it was the most terrifying feeling ever, but once i touched the water with my hands I couldn’t stop smiling. The raft came over to retrieve me and I was so hyped up on adrenaline, it was the most amazing experience. The crew was wonderful and I had a great day with AJ Hackett. I can’t wait to jump again! Everyone should try it!


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